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India is the second most populous country in the world. The country where the rate of illiteracy was alarmingly higher just as recently as three decades ago, has now emerged as Asia’s biggest knowledge hub. Unlike the olden days, the number of educated youths in India is on the rapid increase. But the saddest part of it is, the youth who are imparted academic education, are not properly taught to face the challenges in the present day’s society when they pass out of the college. In such a bizzerie situation a need has definitely arisen to introduce some kind of arrangement to educate the youth on several important matters so that they can start the life with more courage and confidence.

That need is the mother of invention is well proved in such situations. So an idea was invented a couple of decades ago to tackle this situation by a person for whom social service is more precious than the breath. His name is Naresh Muthiah who invented a concept to help these educated youth, and his idea gave birth to a social service organization called Youth Employment Training Bureau which is shortly called as YETB

Moment of inspiration
Him to start YETB Microfinance
Vision & Mission
The vision of YETB is to see an India where the full potential of the youth power is exploited and utilized for the progress of the nation.

YETB is working with the mission that every individual in India should be properly trained to improve their financial status by creating better employment and and self employment opportunity for them.

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